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Almost every home has had a rodent infestation at one point. We have done attic cleanup in homes and offices in most cities of California in Simi Valley County. Rodents and other Pests are in almost every community and can find their way into most homes. For over 10 years Green Environmental Group of experience in pest control before we began specializing in rat cleanup and our exclusive rodent decontamination services.

Our attic clean out service for the Simi Valley area, includes: Attic Cleaning and Removing of Pollen , Viruses, Smoke, bacteria, Mold Pet Dander, Odor Often the attic gets cluttered with old cardboard boxes, christmas decorations and christmas trees,
packing materials and just plain old junk. If the trash in your attic gets out of hand, call Simi Valley attic cleaning services to help.

Our trained professionals employ will clean out all the garbage from your attic while you wait.

When Simi Valley attic cleaning clean out an attic, we take special care not to damage the walls, floor and ceiling of your home or apartment. It doesnt matter how large the junk is, we will take it. We can clear out old furniture, memorabilia, papers and books,
clothing, whatever it is, we can handle it. For any attic cleaning jobs in the Simi Valley CA area, call Simi Valley Attic Clean up for help.

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What people say about us

Joe Lavein
"Great company. They came in and did a thorough inspection. The representative that came out to our office was very knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done in order to make sure that we were working in a healthy environment." Joe Lavein, Pacific Blue Realtors
Mark Demsky
"Very professional team, they cleaned out my attic which had very very old insulation, rat feces, urine and many years of dust. Our indoor Air quality greatly improved! Thank you Green Environmental Group!"Mark Simi Valley, Simi Valley, CA